Management Recruitment solutions and complementary consulting services tailored to your needs

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Kurt Schindler AG is active in both Management Search and complementary Consulting Services since 1980. With branches spread all over Switzerland and as a founding member of AIMS International (Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Worldwide), we utilize our unique people search capabilities to deliver state of the art solutions to our clients in the following domains:

Management Search: we support Swiss companies in their recruitment, sourcing candidates nationally and internationally on an exclusive basis. More »

Recruitment Projects: we also support our clients in larger recruitment projects for new locations or specific functions and help them enhance their employer branding, compensation systems, etc. More »

Organizational Development: we offer our clients a full range of Talent Management instruments such as individual and group assessments, talent assessment and development, team-building, leadership development, etc. More »

Organizational Change: thanks to our in-depth knowledge of hundreds of companies in all industries, we are able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our customers and help them re-design their processes. More »

Market Intelligence: we support your entry into new markets and product segments by providing primary and secondary market research and supplying you with the right individuals for implementation on an interim or fixed base. More »